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Pasta & Pizzas

Pasta and Pizza are two foods that are good for the soul! Skip the Pizza delivery or Olive Garden takeout and make these delicious pizza and pasta options! Many of these recipes are lightened up and pack a nutritious twist that you can feel good about. Whether it’s my famous Mac & Cheese, Mexican Street Corn Flatbread, or Cauliflower White Pizza – you are going to love these homemade pasta and pizza recipes!

Pasta With White Wine Lemon Sauce

Lemon Pasta topped with Cherry Tomatoes and fresh Basil |

When life gives you lemons, what do you do? If you’re Cassandra Morris, you concoct a divine lemon sauce with white wine to go with fettuccine pasta.  This lemon white wine pasta sauce recipe is the ultimate game changer. While I do love myself a rich carbonara and a light aglio olio, this white wine sauce is the perfect in-between.  If you’re someone who loves to experiment with new flavors, you are going to love this one. This pasta is coated with a lemon-infused garlic cream sauce, and the white wine does wonders that you can only experience when you’re cooking this...

Best Fettuccine Alfredo

Chicken and Fettuccine Alfredo Sauce |

If you are a sucker for comfort food, then this chicken fettuccine alfredo recipe will be right up your alley. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner at home, and at a potluck party, it’s sure to be a swoon-worthy contribution. It’s luscious, filling, and has the most incredible flavor.  And no, we are not going to use any canned alfredo sauce to make this recipe. I’m going to teach you how to make homemade alfredo from scratch. Once you find out how easy it is to put together a delicious sauce, you’re going to skip the artificial, canned stuff. This chicken fettuccine alfredo recipe is...

BEST Baked Mac and Cheese

Okay, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel with classic comfort food that everyone can agree on: mac and cheese. I used to love these as a kid and even when I stayed in my college dorm, I always made sure my tiny pantry had a box of instant mac and cheese. Dorm essentials, am I right? But if, like me, you’re ready to graduate from boxed foods and cook your own killer mac and cheese from scratch, read on! This recipe is loaded with secret tips and tricks to make a kick-ass homemade macaroni and cheese.  This baked mac and cheese is bubbly, gooey, and indulgent. Most importantly, it...

Easy Pasta Bake (No Boiling Required!) 

Last Friday, Walt and I hosted a get-together at our place with our circle of friends. Think geeky board games, wine, delicious food and the end of the night (after a few glasses of wine) Kareoke! After our recent trip to Italy Walt and I couldn't stop dreaming about pasta. I mean, who can blame us, right? When we got back I had a girls night and in a stroke of brilliance, one of my closest friends Hayley suggested we should give pasta its own special day. Move over Taco Tuesday, because we proudly present... Pasta Friday! Okay, maybe the name doesn't have that catchy ring, but who cares?...

Best Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Recipe

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna low carb lasagna |

Do you like lasagna? I’ve had all types of lasagna, from those inexpensive Italian restaurants to the frozen type that they sell in supermarkets and convenience stores. Each one of those experiences has given me the joy of eating comfort food which is just so flavorful and rich. However, later on, I end up feeling bloated – like I ate way too much. Is that just me or have any of you felt the same way?  Anyway, that had been my fate with lasagna, until I came across the idea of using spaghetti squash to make lasagna. “What is spaghetti squash?” you ask.  Great question! I love...

Creamy Zucchini Pasta With Avocado Spinach Sauce

Creamed spinach  Tagliolini |

Toss out that packet of spaghetti and swap it for zoodles.  These zucchini noodles are ten times healthier than store-bought spaghetti: they are low-carb, nutrient-packed, and are better for the gut, too. If you’re someone who doesn’t hesitate before digging into regular pasta, I’m sure your body will thank you for changing things up a bit.  With a bit of spiralizing and sauce-making, you’ll have a hearty bowl of soft zucchini pasta with the creamiest avocado spinach sauce that’s just as healthy. We get the cream entirely from the avocado, and the blended spinach turns into a...

Easy Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Pasta salad with cherry tomatoes |

Growing up, I was surrounded by loads of Mediterranean food influences. I had a family full of amazing cooks and I was always served the best dishes from scratch, and now that I’m older, I realize that I was incredibly lucky to have had someone cook for me.  In Mediterranean cooking, we use a lot of flavorful plant-based foods like legumes, grains, and herbs. But, we also love our sauces and dressings.  People tend to think of Mediterranean food like Italian, but it actually is a melting pot of European, Middle Eastern, Asian, and African cuisines. This Mediterranean pasta salad...

Healthy Cauliflower White Pizza (with step-by-step instructions)

Cauliflower Pizza |

Through the years dabbling with culinary arts, here’s my thesis: Cauliflower works the hardest.  You can bake it, make soup from it, air-fry it, mash it, and even make rice from it. This vegetable is definitely versatile, and when you want to make a low-carb pizza, cauliflower will happily rise to the occasion.  Keep reading for my tried-and-tested cauliflower pizza crust recipe plus how to make a white, cheesy topping.  This vegetarian pizza is a timeless companion - you can have it for lunch, dinner, I will admit I have even had leftovers for breakfast. The blend of...

Mexican Flatbread Pizzas

Mexican Flatbread Pizzas |

Can we both agree that Mexican street corn (also known as elotes Mexicanos) is the single most exciting way to eat Canada’s third most grown crop? Yep, I’m talking about corn!   We’ve become so used to cooking recipes that name corn as just another topping, but it rarely gets the spotlight, you know? This humble vegetable always contributes itself to dishes like salads, salsa, pizza toppings, and more, going unnoticed and staying in the background.   But not this time. Oh, no! In today’s Mexican street corn recipe, we let corn take center stage. The sour cream and...

Flatbread Pizza Dough Recipe

Flatbread |

There’s something so comforting about homemade flatbread. It’s such a nice reminder that simple, handcrafted food is still within reach.   Like most carbohydrates, flatbread is made with the most basic ingredients that have been around for centuries: flour, salt, water, and olive oil. If you haven’t made homemade bread before, don’t let this intimidate you! Flatbread is a great place to start for beginners.   Most flatbreads have yeast as well, but I like going without it. You can never go wrong with yeastless flatbread. It just doesn’t demand that much and you don’t...

Easy Caprese Flatbread

Easy Caprese Flatbread |

What is flatbread? Flatbread is leavened dough which is flattened out with your bare hands or rolling pins and then pan-fried or oven-baked. Great on its own, or with your favorite dips.  Flatbread is also used as pizza crust, welcoming any combination of toppings to enjoy it with. Flatbread has a soft texture and can be fluffy when yeast is included in the mix.  To learn how to make my flatbread from scratch, check out my quick and easy flatbread recipe! It doesn’t contain any yeast, so that means it requires no overnight proofing and saves time.  For this recipe, I’m...

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