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55 Kitchen Secrets Guaranteed To Change The Way You Cook

fresh strawberries on a plate

You don't need to be a Masterchef to cook healthy and delicious meals. It's amazing what you can do with a bit of know-how- so I've collected some of the most straightforward hacks to simplify and speed up your time in the kitchen. From storage solutions to ways to peel your veggies with ease - some of these tips are truly mind-blowing.  Keep this list of tips close to hand and they'll transform your kitchen habits for life. 1. Keep your eggs fresh: If you're not sure what state your eggs are in, pop one in a cup of water. You're good to go if it sinks straight to the bottom; if it...

How To Measure Flour Correctly

Freshly baked bread

From your favorite muffin recipe to a delicious creamy pasta sauce- when it comes to using flour no matter the recipe, getting your measurements correct makes all the difference! Have you ever attempted a bread or pancake recipe promised to be moist and tender but ends up being dense and dry? You are not alone. Get the consistency of all your baked goods just right from now on with my tips on measuring flour correctly. First, let me address these common flour faux-pas: Directly Scooping: We've all scooped flour directly out of the bag or jar with the measuring cup. This literally packs...

99 Kitchen Terms Every Home Chef Needs To Know

Cassandra Morris baking in the kitchen

If you don't know your al dente from your al fresco, or if you ever scrolled past a recipe the second it mentions 'braising' or 'reducing'- you're not alone. Kitchen-talk can sound like another language - and it is!  6 years ago, I swear on my favorite set of pans, I didn't even know how to boil water. I want to help you make friends with your kitchen by providing you with a glossary of essential cooking terms, techniques, equipment, ingredients, and more to improve your skills in the kitchen and bring your A-game to the table. Even when perusing the most simple recipes, you'll come...

6 Empowering Results of Meal Prep

A homecooked meal prep

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin When we’re looking to create a new healthy habit (or get consistent with one that shows up only a couple times a month) most of us are truly seeking one or more of the following results: • A change to our body  • Self Confidence • Less daily stress!! • More energy • Improved productivity, mental clarity or mood • Ditching any unwanted habits • Consistency in healthy habits that feels effortless! Before we dig into how weekly meal planning sets us up for success and can check off many of the above boxes, I have a very...

How To Build Your Confidence & Take Action Towards Your Goals

Pink flower in a pot with dream written on the table

Remember that, despite what Instagram says, success doesn't happen overnight.  Imagine you have a goal.  Let's say your goal is to run a marathon. (If your stomach just churned at the word 'run,' don't worry, this isn't an article about running). Let's say you train for a year, transforming your daily habits to get up at 5 am, Monday-Friday to run for an hour before your busy day starts.  A year later, you take a bite of your well-deserved energy bar and pose proudly with your medal. You did it! You ran the marathon. You achieved your goal. Snap! Your family captures the...

The Benefits Of Menu Planning (+ A Free Menu Planner For You)

Top view of a pen and notebook with a cup of coffee and a mobile phone

I’m about to share my secret weapon for success (in everything I do). Are you ready for this? Drumroll, please… Organization! I would be a chicken with my head cut off without my laid out to do lists and schedules. Without taking the time to plan before I do my weekly groceries, I would be reaching for the take-out menu all week! Menu-planning has transformed my life in so many ways that I want to help you transform yours. Let's look at all the benefits of menu planning together- and I'm also going to give you a gift to help you thrive in your first week! YOU WILL BE HEALTHIER Learning...

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Cooking dinner doesn’t have to take all night. Get our newest recipes, exclusive content PLUS our 10 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes to get you started!

FREE E-COOKBOOK10 Quick & Easy Dinners Recipes

Cooking dinner doesn’t have to take all night. Get our newest recipes, exclusive content PLUS our 10 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes to get you started!