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Best Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

Classic Stuffing  | cookingwithcassandra.com

Unless you live in a camper van traveling cross-country this Thanksgiving, you have no excuse for buying stuffing in boxes anymore. Nope. Not this year, folks. Why?  Because after you discover how easy it is to put together a delicious, warm stuffing, you’ll never go back to the boxed kind. Yes, prepackaged stuffing tastes fine and is an absolute breeze to cook, but there is no comparison once you try making this homemade version.  With home-cooked food, you are always in control and get to choose the ingredients that go into your food. (I’ve even stopped eating mac and cheese...

Holiday Eggnog Cocktail

Eggnog Cocktail This is the perfect way to spice up a classic eggnog. This is the best simple holiday cocktail and only takes a few ingredients. Ingredients4 ounces Eggnog2 ounces RumChata liqueur2 ounces Spiced RumIce ((for the cocktail shaker))Sugar ((for the rim))ToppingWhipped cream Cinnamon Pour sugar into a small, flat plate.With a little bit of eggnog on your finger (or water), rub the rim of the glass then immediately dip the rim and swirl around on your plate of sugar.Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and add egg nog, spiced rum and RumChata liqueur. Give a good 20 second...

Easy Turkey Cranberry Sliders

Holiday Dinner Leftover cranberry sliders | cookingwithcassandra.com

So, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and much to nobody’s surprise – you have leftover turkey. Happens to us all the time! Especially, when there’s a spread of other yummy,  tantalizing dishes on the table.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays for good reasons: incredible food, family, and friends!  What I don’t like, though, is the food wastage. To overcome this, we have now gotten into the habit of pre-planning our Thanksgiving leftovers. Nope, I do not mean pre-planning the meals (though it is such a good habit – read about it here).  We plan what to do with the...

Baked Brie with Cranberry Sauce (Perfect Holiday Appetizer)

Cranberry Brie Dip With Flaky Roll Bites | cookingwithcassandra.com

What comes to mind when you imagine a cheese dip? I’ll tell you what I thought about it way before I stumbled upon this recipe. That creamy, orange-colored starchy cheese dip for nachos and crackers that you get at stadiums and boozy parties. The bottled kind with lots of artificial flavors that would get your tongue desperate for water later on.  That was before I knew that there was a fancier, Christmassy version of this which was luscious, pretty, and actually sophisticated. This cheese dip is made with nutty and tangy brie cheese (plus a bit of cheddar) that’s baked to gooey...

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars

No Bake Bars | cookingwithcassandra.com

Do you know how some days you just crave a Snickers bar for no absolute reason? And I don’t know about you guys, but it makes my stomach feel quite bloated at the end of it. It does keep me full for a few hours, but they’re way too sugary to keep having them every time.  But, you guys. I’ve been CRAZY obsessed with these no-bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal bars! As a healthier replacement for the high-calorie and sugar-loaded Snickers, these are so addictive and for good reason: It’s a slice of heaven in a small square!  The best part is that you can keep having them without...

Arugula Beet Feta Salad with Candied Pecans

Arugula Beet Feta Salad with Candied Pecans ingredients | cookingwithcassandra.com

Beets are way underrated – if you have never cooked with this delicious and versatile superfood, today is the day to start.  Beneath that tough exterior and that gorgeous deep purple hue, beetroots are a very nutritious root vegetable. They are rich sources of potassium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It doesn’t get the credit it deserves! The latest addition to my salad recipes is this stunning beet salad with feta, arugula, and candied pecans. I would describe it as fresh, nutty, sweet, and salty. There’s also a balsamic vinaigrette that brings out all the best flavors of this...

Easy Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Apple pie overnight oats ingredients | cookingwithcassandra.com

In case you haven’t noticed, I have been experimenting with a plethora of recipes that use rolled oats. I mean, have you noticed how super versatile they are? Sure, they work best with sweet recipes, but they’re a great gluten-free replacement for flour, and a healthy source of carbohydrates. That’s good enough for me. I may have accidentally bought too many bags of rolled oats… 😁 which might explain the sporadic appearance of oat-rageous recipes on my blog like these oat-based banana chocolate chip muffins, Snicker oat bars, and peanut butter oatmeal cookies.  Thankfully, Walt has...

Healthy Turkey Burgers With Spinach, Feta & Tzatziki

Spinach Feta Turkey Burger Patty | cookingwithcassandra.com

These spinach feta turkey burgers will transport you straight to Greece! They’re a classic family favorite at our birthday dinners, with juicy patties and buttery burger buns. Slather the burgers generously with a refreshing, creamy tzatziki sauce made of yogurt, lemon and herbs and voila!  This recipe is a tribute to Greek cuisine which is rich with cheeses, meat, olive oil, herbs, yogurt and citrus flavors. Still, Greek recipes are quite balanced, providing the nutrients our bodies need!  These burgers are far from those at any fast food joints. I try to avoid highly processed...

Refreshing Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail

Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail | cookingwithcassandra.com

Picture this: you’re on a camping trip to Banff, and you’ve been hiking all day. Finally, you get to the top, exhausted and parched. Your hiking buddy whips out a flask filled with… no, not cold water, but a chilled watermelon cucumber cocktail.  LIFE. SAVER!  Honestly, wouldn’t that be the best thing ever?  Whenever you’re thirsty and feeling like a fresh, fruity drink, this recipe will be there for you. Whether it’s for happy hour, a family holiday or a bridal shower, this drink will get the party going. Cheers! Recipe Ingredients Watermelon - Seedless watermelons are...

One Pan Parmesan Crusted Chicken With Potatoes And Zucchini

Parmesan Chicken with Potatoes | cookingwithcassandra.com

Here is a one-pan meal that I can never get sick of, and for good reason: parmesan crusted chicken.  It features oven-baked chicken tenders that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Together with the baby potatoes and zucchini, the garlicky parmesan crust is so delicious, people will be grinning from ear to ear. Say cheese!  Why I love this recipe:  It’s a one-pan recipe, which means less time spent cleaning and more time spent relaxing. I count it as a blessing when I’m having an extremely busy day and still want to put something yummy on the table that’s...

Mexican Flatbread Pizzas

Mexican Flatbread Pizzas | cookingwithcassandra.com

Can we both agree that Mexican street corn (also known as elotes Mexicanos) is the single most exciting way to eat Canada’s third most grown crop? Yep, I’m talking about corn!   We’ve become so used to cooking recipes that name corn as just another topping, but it rarely gets the spotlight, you know? This humble vegetable always contributes itself to dishes like salads, salsa, pizza toppings, and more, going unnoticed and staying in the background.   But not this time. Oh, no! In today’s Mexican street corn recipe, we let corn take center stage. The sour cream and...

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FREE E-COOKBOOK10 Quick & Easy Dinners Recipes

Cooking dinner doesn’t have to take all night. Get our newest recipes, exclusive content PLUS our 10 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes to get you started!