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Here you will find delicious cocktail recipes that are perfect for celebrating all year round! From cozy, festive holiday cocktails to perfect light and refreshing drinks for summer like the Best Canadian Caesar Cocktail to the most delicious Sangria recipe! Cheers to you!

Easy Eggnog Cocktail

Ah, eggnog! The classic holiday drink that warms your soul and makes you feel like a kid again. It's the perfect blend of creamy, sweet, and spicy goodness, and there's nothing quite like it. Whether you're sipping it by the fire on a chilly winter night or sharing it with friends and family during holiday gatherings, eggnog always brings a smile to your face. For those who haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this delicious drink, eggnog is a rich and creamy concoction made with milk, cream, sugar, and beaten eggs. It's often flavored with vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon, giving it a...

Best Canadian Caesar Cocktail

Canadian Caesar Cocktail Recipe|

If you could be any cocktail, what would you be? For me, it’s gotta be a Canadian Caesar. Why? It’s funky, it’s spicy, and a unique fusion of the best things!  I love myself a Canadian Caesar cocktail - always have and always will. It is our country’s national drink, after all, and it’s perfect for Canada Day which is just around the corner!  Walk into any bar, order a Caesar, and get ready to be mind blown by this funky fusion of clamato juice, vodka, sauces, and toppings. Or better yet, make it yourself with the best recipe below.  Oh, and in case you were wondering –...

Easy Red Sangria – Perfect for Summer

Red Sangria Wine |

There is no better drink to enjoy during summer than a red sangria!  Traditional sangria is a cocktail made of Spanish red wine and a variety of fresh fruits and berries. Think of it as a fruit punch that has red wine and is infused for a few hours. This allows the taste of the wine to change depending on the types of fruit mixed in.  It’s the best beverage to cool down with whether you’re by the beach, at the pool, or winding down in the summer evening. If you’re having a few friends over dinner, why not try pairing it with this summer berries, candied almonds and goat cheese...

Refreshing Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail

Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail |

Picture this: you’re on a camping trip to Banff, and you’ve been hiking all day. Finally, you get to the top, exhausted and parched. Your hiking buddy whips out a flask filled with… no, not cold water, but a chilled watermelon cucumber cocktail.  LIFE. SAVER!  Honestly, wouldn’t that be the best thing ever?  Whenever you’re thirsty and feeling like a fresh, fruity drink, this recipe will be there for you. Whether it’s for happy hour, a family holiday or a bridal shower, this drink will get the party going. Cheers! Recipe Ingredients Watermelon - Seedless watermelons are...

Refreshing Strawberry Margaritas

Strawberry & slice of lime Margarita |

I am a huge margarita fan! Aside from wine, tequila is my go-to for my cocktail of choice. Recently, I shared my margarita pitcher recipe which is great for serving big crowds. While a classic margarita makes for a delicious cocktail, sometimes I like to switch it up, especially if I’m feeling particularly creative.  Today, I’m sharing a variation of the traditional recipe: a frozen strawberry margarita.  This homemade strawberry margarita recipe uses frozen strawberries, tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and honey. When blended together, the mixture turns a very pretty pink...

Homemade Margarita Pitcher

Margarita Drinks |

The margarita is a drink that needs no introduction. Every Mexican bar or restaurant has a margarita on its menu, and it’s a popular cocktail everyone can recognize from a mile away. Those salt-rimmed glasses filled with an iced cocktail and a fancy lime wedge? Iconic.  But what really sets a good margarita apart is the cocktail mixture. If you combine just the right amount of high-quality tequila, sweet triple sec, and tangy lime juice, you’ll get a smooth margarita that tastes divine!  In this recipe, I’ll be showing you my best homemade margarita recipe for a serving of 16....

Refreshing Mojito Pitcher

Glass of Refreshing Mojito |

There’s no doubt that parties are better when drinks are involved. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family, contributing to a potluck, or just spending a chilled night in, a cocktail is the way to go. This recipe will show you how to make big-batch mojitos to share. There’s no need to shake up one glass of mojito after another. This casual cocktail recipe is a win in my books. All it takes is mixing rum, mint, sugar syrup, and lime in a large pitcher. Mix it in advance, and when anybody wants a drink, just pour it into glasses of ice and serve. Check out other quick and easy...

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Cooking dinner doesn’t have to take all night. Get our newest recipes, exclusive content PLUS our 10 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes to get you started!