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Here you will find cozy and delicious Winter recipes and holiday favorites to get you through the chilly months. Look no further than these winter classics! From old fashioned beef stew, turmeric chicken noodle soup, the very best cinnamon rolls on the internet and much more.

Easy Eggnog Cocktail

Ah, eggnog! The classic holiday drink that warms your soul and makes you feel like a kid again. It's the perfect blend of creamy, sweet, and spicy goodness, and there's nothing quite like it. Whether you're sipping it by the fire on a chilly winter night or sharing it with friends and family during holiday gatherings, eggnog always brings a smile to your face. For those who haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this delicious drink, eggnog is a rich and creamy concoction made with milk, cream, sugar, and beaten eggs. It's often flavored with vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon, giving it a...

Easy Turkey Cranberry Sliders

Holiday Dinner Leftover cranberry sliders |

So, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and much to nobody’s surprise – you have leftover turkey. Happens to us all the time! Especially, when there’s a spread of other yummy,  tantalizing dishes on the table.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays for good reasons: incredible food, family, and friends!  What I don’t like, though, is the food wastage. To overcome this, we have now gotten into the habit of pre-planning our Thanksgiving leftovers. Nope, I do not mean pre-planning the meals (though it is such a good habit – read about it here).  We plan what to do with...

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Bacon and Pomegranates

Pomegranates with  bacon roasted brussels sprouts |

I remember growing up, I was a big desserts and candied yams girl at my holiday dinners. I always remember the one Christmas where my jaw dropped when I had oven-roasted Brussels sprouts for the first time. It was crazy good. I couldn’t believe that vegetables could be this delicious.  In my take on this holiday classic, I have added crispy roasted bacon and its fats that make everything better, too.  Now this recipe is one way to enjoy vegetables, and I mean REALLY enjoy them… not just tolerate them to meet our daily fiber intake. Even the pickiest eaters and vegetable haters...

Pumpkin Rolls

Fall is upon us, and that means pumpkin-flavored everything, from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin pies. I wanted to add to my Thanksgiving menu a classic pumpkin roll recipe.  Some people call it a Swiss roll, a roulade, or simply a jelly roll. Each slice is a layer of sponge cake filled with luscious velvety cream (sometimes flavored buttercream) and rolled up. You’ll find these in tons of different flavors, like plain vanilla, chocolate, earl gray tea, and matcha, even.  With the cake batter, I made sure the pumpkin flavor would really come through. The secret ingredient is a...

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